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After six months my wife and I noticed a thick rust colored slime in all the toilet tanks

My wife and I moved to Rosebery British Columbia in the summer of 2007. Our property was not previously occupied and as such required a well. After six months my wife and I noticed a thick rust colored slime very prevalent in all the toilet tanks in the house. Speaking with neighbors we found that two other wells in our immediate area suffered from the same or similar type of slime. These two other households had such significant slime buildup that, in both cases, the slime caused several water pumps to fail and subsequently had to be replaced. The wells in both households were less than one year old at the time. Naturally this caused us concern so we tried shocking the well using chlorine bleach. This effort failed. The bleach had, in fact, no impact whatsoever. After speaking with Biostel we decided to try your product and to our amazement, one application killed off the slime. Our water was drinkable within an hour or so and had no after taste as is the case with chlorine bleach.

My wife and I first want to thank you for an excellent product. This product quickly killed a type of slime bacteria in our water system where conventional shocking of our well with chlorine bleach had no effect. One application was all that was needed. Two months after application we had the water tested though a Provincial laboratory and the results were negative for any and all types of bacteria. To date, eight months have passed and we are still free of slime and there are no indications that this bacteria has returned. We will be making this product a part of a twelve month house maintenance schedule.

Yours truly,

Eb and Elizabeth Friedle
Rosebery, BC

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