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Environmentally Safe Well Water Treatment in the Calgary, Alberta Area

Does your well water smell or taste bad? Does your well water leave stains?

We are using a revolutionary new, patented technology that is safe and successful! This technology is being used to kill bacteria in farms, food processing and bottling plants across Europe. We have brought this technology to Canada to treat bacterially contaminated water wells. Our cleaning process normally takes 2-4 hours depending on the depth and age of the well and the degree of contamination.

We leave no chemical odor or taste residues in your well water, which can discourage normal livestock or human, consumption and use. Our product is degradable in the environment (air and soil), creating no hazardous waste upon disposal.

Through a process of treating your well, we are able to effectively minimize most kinds of bacterial residents found in wells, including: Iron Reducing Bacteria, Sulfur Reducing Bacteria, Slime Bacteria, Heterotrophic Bacteria, and E-coli, to name but a few of the major contaminants found in Alberta wells!

Finally a Solution for Bacterially Contaminated Water Wells that Works!

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Well Treatment Results!

This September 2008 picture below shows water from a well contaminated with Iron Bacteria near Red Deer, Alberta. The water in the bottle on the left is before treatment; the two bottles in the middle are taken from the flow, as the contaminants were flushed out of the well after treatment and, the bottle on the right, is the water after the complete treatment.

Well Water Samples Red Deer Alberta

According to the owner the well water is "cleaner than I have ever seen it"!

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